Saturday, May 10, 2008

My hubby loves me!

Yesterday after mike got home from work I told him we needed to go get some milk. Normally I would just take the car and go, but I really didn't feel like it yesterday so I had Mike do it. He put up a bit of a stink at first...but then he relented cause we really needed the milk.

While he was gone I decided to clean up our bedroom floor. While I was putting shoes away I hear the front door open and Mike was home. He said "Wifey I have something for you!" I was pretty excited. He was just suposed to get milk. Then I walk out and he's got some Mike & Ike's for me. Which was an in joke with us while we were engaged. I thought it was really sweet. And it was candy! Which you can EAT! Yum. Then he said, hey can you clean out a glass? I need some watter. So I go to the sink and when I turn around he's got roses in his hand, "actually they need some water" and he grins. "The Mike and Ike's were just a dummy gift." He said he was just passing by the register at the grocery store and decided wife needed flowers.

HE DID IT! He got me flowers without me knowing! And it wasn't Salami!! I love my husband!

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